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Php. 10,000.00+


A new dimension in console and DVD surround.
Home theater performance - enjoy DTS® and Dolby® Digital content and use Dolby Pro Logic® II for enhanced surround sound audio
Easy versatile connectivity - simultaneously connect three audio sources including video game consoles, DVD and CD players, PCs, and more
Great additional features - wireless remote for convenient control, and dual headphone jacks for late-night gaming

Creative Inspire® GD580 is a complete home entertainment speaker system, designed to support the latest surround formats - DTS®, Dolby® Digital and Dolby Pro Logic® II (movie and music modes) - and to provide a spectacular gaming, movie and music experience.

This system features an elegant decoder with two digital inputs and one analog input, and a host of intuitive features such as automatic surround format detection and individual output channel level adjustment. This makes it ideal for Xbox™ gaming, or for experiencing DVDs in awesome 5.1 surround. In addition, any stereo input (including Sony® PlayStation® 2 and Nintendo® GameCube™ video games) can be converted using Dolby Pro Logic II to create an immersive 5.1 surround sound experience.

Matched to this decoder is an amplified 5.1 speaker system with five speakers and a powerful wooden subwoofer for explosive action. Creative Inspire GD580 also features two headphone jacks for private listening. And with a wireless remote control that lets you adjust your controls with ease, the Creative Inspire GD580 is the perfect home theater solution for games, movies and music.

Technical Specifications

Power Rating* :
47 Watts Total RMS
75 Watts System Power

Satellite Speakers:

  6 Watts RMS per speaker (x 5 speakers)


  17 Watts RMS


80 dB

Overall Frequency Response:

  40Hz to 20kHz

Retail Box Contents

Three front speakers with attached 6-1/2ft / 2m cables
Two rear speakers with attached 13ft / 4m cables
One subwoofer
One decoder box
One wireless remote control (batteries included)
One removable center speaker stand with screw
Five removable speaker grilles
Optical, Coaxial, Stereo and RCA-mono input audio cables
Audio cable to connect decoder and subwoofer
DIN-to-DIN (6-pin) power cable to connect decoder and subwoofer
Power supply adapter
Quick Start leaflet
Warranty and Technical Support booklet



This Product is quite made for serious juice. Now I would buy this because of a good feature set. That is if you don't want a THX certified version. Included as you can see and is seldom seen in other speaker system is a separate decoder giving you total control of your audio listening. For couch potatoes, an IR (infrared) Remote is also included, which most of you Media Center Enthusiast will love.

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