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Welcome to DemonHale™ this site is made for the purpose of criticizing any shared insight, or if DemonHale can answer your queries regarding anything. A Reaction Board is   provided  for you to address to me quries and questions...     I will try to answer them if possible.




MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!!! Anyways to all the commercial browsers I would like to apologize for posting here my Class Links.


I'm Reformatting soon to make this site exclusively for mobile phones; as well as a linker site for those that would contribute to me some useful links. A message board in the form of a Guests board is provided, you could send anything there. My E-mail address is also posted so you could also send me an e-mail.


Everday is a Good day not to waste time...

The background songs and any possible images I may have used is owned by other creative artists and private individuals. And as offered in GNU, I would like to ask permission to use them in this light. The Demonhale™ Team 2004

UPDATED SINCE December 10, 2004
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its Maroon 5's This Love

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