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(plural demons)

1. evil spirit: an evil supernatural being such as a ghost or spirit
2. personal fear or anxiety: a fear or anxiety that torments somebody
3. expert: somebody who is extremely good at something (informal)

[13th century. Via Latin daemon and medieval Latin demon ‘evil spirit’ from Greek daimon ‘divine power, guiding spirit’ (see daemon).]

hale [hayl]
(3rd person present singular hales, present participle haling, past haled, past participle haled)
transitive verb

1. haul somebody or something: to pull or drag somebody or something with great effort (archaic)
2. make somebody go somewhere: to compel somebody to go somewhere, especially to court

[13th century. Via Old French haler from Old Norse hala .]

-haler, noun

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Expert Mover
expert in making your visions move you to a higher pedestal

1. I am an expert in making somebody (including myself) to go somewhere (to improve)...

2. I will pull you away from your fears... (take away your fears)

The Frame above is an Iframe; I know frames are not really good for webpages, but this is an Iframe which is currently still useful to webmasters... Shoutboxes use Iframes, and all else... To Manage my content above, I just place in or upload a text file to modify the contents... Now does an Iframe get indexed by web bots? No I guess, but then again, all I needed as keywords are written in the code and the contents, so no need to worry.

I'll use the Iframe for my current thoughts... This would be the most updated part of the front page...



demonhale™ is a Web and Graphics Design Company under the alternate name of CHRYMO™... Dedicated to provide you with the Most Visually Appealing, Fast loading, CSS based Web Design system... This with the price considered pennies compared to other design services.

To think of it, demonhale™ is the Chip Fooze of Web Design.

Since we are new to the "Scene", we are using the newest and most compliant style in Web Development. We use CSS as a standard for our styles; we also use JavaScript for your scripting needs... And we'll employ current trends to give you the best outcome for your visions... We guarantee 90% that the web pages we make for you are Cross-Browser (taking in considerations to new browsers and other buggy software)... Meaning, you will see your sites the same and 100% in Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, and Internet Explorer. Cross-browser incompatibility is the main problem of other site, even popular ones. We don't tamper around with PHP, Sql and such, we make your sites as easy as possible so that you can edit and modify it on your own in the future...

Since We offer you only the Design aspect, you are responsible for getting and paying for your own Web Hosting Services, as well as register for your own Domain name. But, if you want us to facilitate these for you we can also do that. We will be employing other independent sites at these stages. You can learn more about this when you contact us...

Before we started to use our own scripts, we have studied almost every aspect of Script Making strategies and what-nots. Our Main Influence was DYNAMIC DRIVE... and Later JAVASCRIPT KIT. As you will be noticing most style I use is influenced partly or fully by their sites. I assure you that I use scripts that I made on my own, but may accidentally be similar to other pages scripts...

demonhale™ has evolved countless of times. We had started as a training ground for Secondary School students, teaching and providing them with tools to learn web-page making using plain HTML... Since then we tried to collaborate to a local school having html as a part of their curriculum. demonhale™ then evolved into a local Mobile Phone Content Download Site and then Transitioned to become a Help and How-To site, which we will continue to do so. As you can see, links from our previous contents will be provided. It will also serve as an example of designs we could do for you. So if you see a different Lay-out look than this front page, remember that it is still from this site... We will be updating these contents regularly, so please do visit and check it out.

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